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Year 6: Daisy Class

Welcome to Daisy Class. Our teacher is Mr Harris and we are supported in class by Mrs Lawson and Mrs Coldicott.

Mrs Coldicott teaches us when Mr Harris has his planning time.

Autumn Term 2019

This week, we have been looking at the circulatory system in science. We constructed life size diagrams, thinking about how we could show the red, oxygenated arteries and the blue, deoxygenated veins, using construction materials. We then labelled our diagrams, explaining how the circulatory system works.

Year 5

Autumn Term

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Year 5 have been having great fun taking part in the Mini Police scheme run by local PCSO's. We have had the chance to learn about how to stay safe and behave appropriately in the community, anti-social behaviour and crime. We also got the opportunity to lean about police equipment such as body camera, police uniform, stab vests, handcuffs and batons. We even got to experience what it was like to be locked inside the cell in the riot van! Some of us got to march in Bishops Stortford's Remembrance day parade on Sunday which was a fantastic experience.


In Maths we have been learning all about place value, looking at rounding numbers up to the nearest 1,000,000, finding and identifying multiples and factors, prime number and composite numbers, negative numbers and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000. We have just started our new work on addition and subtraction. We have just started our new work on addition and subtraction and are bust revision our mental strategies by regrouping and using equal sum. Next we are going to be moving onto formal written strategies of addition and subtraction.


In English we have just finished our work on Macbeth. We have enjoyed learning about Shakespeare's play Macbeth., We have had great fun rewriting the play in narrative and it gave us the chance to put our new writing skills into practise as well as showing off our improved handwriting! We have now just started our poetry unit. We are creating our own cinquain poems based on World War 1 and remembrance day.

Thursday 29th September 2018

We have been really busy in Year 5 so far this term. In English we have been learning about Shakespeare's Macbeth. We started off with using musical instruments to help us write our setting descriptions of the heath. We have then been writing letters to Lady Macbeth and diary entries to explain the prophesies of the witches and planning the murder of King Duncan. We even held a class debate!


In Maths we have been learning about place value. We have been looking at negative numbers and have been adding and subtracting these using our number lines.


In Science we have had great fun learning about Earth and Space. We have been researching the spherical and flat earth theory as well as ordering the planets and creating our own posters and fact files on each one.


For IPC we have been learning about the Tudors. We sewed our own hanging pocket and made a cup rope string. We are all really looking forward to dressing up as Tudors for the day for our school trip next week!

Year 4

Spring Term

Our residential trip to Phasels Wood

Autumn Term

Friday 29th September 2017

This week we have been learning how to regroup numbers to make our calculations easier to solve. We've used base 10, place value counters and beadstrings to help us learn a variety of strategies.


Daisy class thoroughly enjoyed the author's visit and were inspired to use his technique of looking at a picture and asking & answering lots of questions to come up with ideas for adventures. We then had a go at writing our own story.


In IPC, Daisy class have been set a team challenge to use a variety of sources to research the Roman invasion of Britain. They've been finding out lots of very interesting facts which they will be using to create both a written product and a team presentation to the rest of the class.

Friday 22nd September 2017

During Science we investigated magnetism. We tested what materials are magnetic and looked at how the different poles of the magnet can attract or repel each other.

When we were Year 3...

We met the Guide Dogs...
... and found out how they help people

Last year, we had a special visitor come in to run through a drama workshop with us. We created the story of Arthur and the Knights of the round table. We created freezes of some of the scenes from the story, as well as acting out some of them!

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