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Year 4: Foxglove Class

Welcome to Foxglove Class. Our teacher is Mrs Turner and we are supported in class by Mrs Payne. When Mrs Turner has her planning time, Mrs Coldicott teaches our class.

Year 3

Friday 16th November 2018

Foxglove and Snowdrop visited the Natural History Museum recently as part of their IPC topic, Footprints From The Past.

Autumn Term

Year 2

Summer Term

Thursday 19th April 2018

Today we started our new topic which is called I'm Alive! To start off our topic we went pond dipping! Luckily the sun was shining and lots of creatures came to enjoy the weather as well! We found: a newt, waterboatmen, dragonfly lavae and plenty of pond snails. We all had a great time!

Spring Term

Friday 16th March 2018

This week we have been lucky enough to watch a brilliant performance, Jungle Bungle, about two children who become 'lost' in their books and we have written and drawn some of our own fantasy locations to become lost in ourselves! We were also lucky to have been visited by BP for a science workshop, called 'Handy Helpers' investigating the importance of materials for gloves! We all had a great time testing out the gloves and coming up with a list of properties for a 'super glove' that could do it all! 


Friday 26th January 2018

This week, Foxglove class have been continuing our work on non-fiction texts in English. We have been looking at Find it! Sharks as our main text, and practising our note taking and research skills.

In maths we have been using the inverse operation to solve a range of addition/subtraction problems in the context of money. 


In science we have started looking at every day materials. Last week we conducted an investigation to see what materials we could find around school and which were the most common. 

Autumn Term 2017

Friday 8th December 2017

This week, Foxglove class have been creating their own fairy tale inspired board games in English, linking to our work on instructions. We have designed a game board and written some instructions on how to play our games. 

In maths we have been looking at addition of two two-digit numbers, before moving on to subtracting one digit numbers from two digit numbers. With both of these, we have been using regrouping to ‘Think 10’. 

Lastly, preparations for our Christmas play are in full flow and we hope you will enjoy our performance of ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ 

Friday 6th October 2017

This week in Foxglove, following the author visit, we made up and described our very own new mutant! We have also continued our poetry topic by looking at shape poems (calligrams) and rhyming poems. In maths we've continued to look at place value, using base 10 to partition numbers into tens and ones.

Friday 22nd September 2017

This week we created a first person recount of Rapunzel escaping from the castle and going into the forest. We were focusing on including adjectives and co-ordinating conjunctions in our writing.

Here are some examples of what we produced:

Gallery - please click to view

On the Life Bus - having a brain break!
Using clay to make diva lamps
We made our own fireworks
Shake and Wake!
Using Numicon for sequencing numbers
Exploring reflections in puddles
Collaborative work and emergent writing
Exploring sticky pasta - yuck!
Making cakes - remember not to lick the spoon!
The friends we have made in Sunflower Class
When we play we learn, when we learn we grow
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