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Mrs K Panesar
Nursery Teacher (Clover Class)

Geography Subject Leader and Library co-ordinator


Mrs E Gillson-Hill   

Reception Teacher (Buttercup Class)

Design & Technology Subject Leader


Mr I Wisbey    
Year 1 Teacher (Bluebell Class)

PE/Sport Subject Leader


Mrs C Suttle 

Year 2 Teacher (Lilac Class)

Computing Subject Leader

EAL Leader


Miss H Hibbins    

Year 3 Teacher (Violet Class)

Science Subject Leader


Mrs N Mardlin

Year 3 Teacher (Primrose Class)

Mon - Tues

Key Stage 2 Leader and RE Subject Leader


Mrs A Spicer

Year 3 Teacher (Primrose Class)

Weds - Fri

History Subject Leader


Mrs S Turner

Year 4 Teacher (Foxglove Class)

PSHE Subject Leader

School Council Co-ordinator


Mrs K Davies 

Year 4 Teacher (Snowdrop Class)

Mon, Tues and Weds am

MFL Subject Leader


Mrs V Neal

Year 4 Teacher (Snowdrop Class)

Weds pm, Thurs and Fri

Music Subject Leader


Mrs N Kelly

Year 5 Teacher (Poppy Class)

Personal Development Leader


Mr D Harris   

Year 6 Teacher (Daisy Class)

Maths Subject Leader


Mrs C James (Assistant Headteacher)

PPA cover Reception and Year 1

Mon - Wed

EYFS/KS1 Leader

English Subject Leader


Mrs J Keyser (Acting Assistant Headteacher)


Wed - Fri


Mrs L McMillan (Assistant Headteacher)

English and Geography Subject Leader

Maternity Leave

Healthy Schools Activemark 2008 Investor in People