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Managing Transition

At Hillmead School we acknowledge that moving to the next class or phase of education is exciting but sometimes challenging. We always support your child through these changes.

Early Years Transition Project

When your child starts in the Hillmead Nursery or Reception Classes (known as Early Years), they will benefit from the opportunity to take part in our transition project to help them settle into school.

Aims of the project:

  • To increase children’s confidence and to familiarise themselves with their new setting and staff
  • Ensure children settle more quickly within their first few weeks of starting
  • Parents to share concerns/worries and get to know staff
  • Staff to become familiar with the children and their families, gather information such as children’s interests and abilities so that environment can reflect this from day one.
  • Organise home visits
  • Link with children’s centres
  • Enable phased entry

About the project:

Transition sessions are a time in the class with parents before an independent class visit. Children are given photos of staff and the setting to have at home so can talk about new school/class with family. Home visits also occur at the start of the year. We have found that the transitions have been extremely beneficial, not only to the children, but also the parents as they have longer to get to know the staff and other parents. These informal sessions also provide staff with an initial idea of the children, their relationship with their parents and any other issues which can be prepared for early on. On the first few mornings of the new class we have a few children arriving at a time - this has proved to be less stressful for children and parents as they are calmly introduced to the morning routine one to one by a member of staff.

Transition between Classes ('Moving Up')

All staff get to know the children well due to the small size of the school. Classes sometimes work together in our house teams during special activity days in order to encourage collaboration across the school.

At the end of each year, your child spends a day in their new classroom with their new class teacher and support staff. This is known as 'Moving Up Day'. If your child has any concerns or additional needs all staff are happy to meet and discuss what extra provision can be put in place to reassure them and provide a positive start in the next class.

Secondary Transition

Our Year 6 teacher meets with all secondary transition leaders and ensures a detailed handover is given for each child. If your child needs any further support we can facilitate visiting local schools before they leave Hillmead School for the next stage of their education