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Key Stage 2 homework is uploaded to this page weekly on a Thursday. It is due in the following Tuesday unless the Class Teacher has given another date. Remember also, to practise your times tables and spellings and to read at home regularly. 

Year 3 - Violet & Primrose Classes

The Year 3 homework this week is looking at our value of appreciation. We have been thinking about all the different things/people in life that we appreciate and how we can show our appreciation to other people. The children will be coming home with a Frame of Appreciation. We would like them to fill this frame with pictures/drawings/photos etc of things and people that they appreciate in life. They should be ready to talk about why they appreciate these different things. As usual, the children should also be working on TT Rockstars and making sure they read regularly at home. 

Thank you.


Miss Hibbins, Mrs Spicer & Mrs Mardlin. 

Year 4 - Foxglove & Snowdrop Classes

This week for homework you have a phonics activity to complete in your homework books as well as completing a piece of homework based on our value of 'Appreciation'. We will be creating a class appreciation tree next week, so you have been given a leaf to take home and you will need to write about something that you appreciate. Please make sure that you specify exactly what it is that you appreciate and why. You also have 12 Year 3/4 statutory spellings to learn in preparation for your test next week.  


Have a great weekend, 


Mrs Turner, Mrs Davies and Mrs Neal. 

Year 5 - Poppy Class

Each week, both English and maths homework will be set. English homework will be attached below and will consist of comprehension, grammar, writing or word work intended to build on the skills learnt at school. Please write your homework tidily in your book and not on the sheet, unless otherwise indicated. Maths homework is set on Mathletics and links to the topics we are currently learning. Passwords for this program have been stuck inside the front cover of the homework books. 


In addition, children should be reading daily (please sign their reading records to confirm their home reading) and practising their times tables. Everyone has a log in to TT Rockstars, which can help with quick recall. 


Thank you!

Mrs Kelly

Year 6 - Daisy Class

Every week, you will receive both English homework and maths homework. English homework will consist of a range of tasks, from comprehension activities to grammar and writing tasks, that will build upon the skills covered in class. Maths homework will continue to be set on Mathletics, and will ask you to apply your knowledge, again, over a variety of exercises. 


In addition to this, please ensure that you are reading regularly, as well as practising your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars - even five minutes a day can have a big impact with fluency and recall. 


Thank you.

Mr Harris

There is no additional English task this week. Make your final preparations for Hilltop instead!
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