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Gifted and Talented

What does 'gifted' and 'talented' mean?


The words 'gifted' and 'talented' have meant many things to many different people. Our School defines Gifted and Talented as:

'Gifted’ - a child who has high academic ability in one or more subjects in the school curriculum.  A ‘gifted’ child often has very well developed learning/ academic skills. 


‘Talented’ - a child who is considered to have high abilities in specific fields such as art, music, sport and the performing arts. 

Gifted and talented pupils have a range of needs, some of which are curriculum orientated and some of which are 'personal and social'. It is important to keep these distinct needs in mind when devising appropriate provision for gifted and talented pupils, as any programme which meets one set of needs at the expense of the other will probably not be conducive to the pupil's overall holistic development. It is neither appropriate nor desirable that programmes for the gifted and talented should develop them in minor aspects at the expense of ensuring their full human development.


How does Hillmead meet these needs?


At Hillmead Primary School we focus upon enrichment and extension as the two basic strategies for meeting the needs of gifted and talented children.  Acceleration is used only when there is a demonstrable reason for thinking that enrichment and extension are not meeting the needs of a pupil.


We are an active member of the local S.T.A.G.E. Network where Gifted and Talented leaders from across other schools meet to discuss enrichment activities that provide extra challenge for Key Stage 2 children throughout the year.


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