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Free Range Fridays

What is Free Range Friday?


During Friday afternoons, Hillmead School buzzes with excitement as we split off to work in our house teams. That means children from Reception all the way through until Year 6 join together to take part in lots of different activities, learning new skills and taking our learning outside.


School Year 2017 - 2018


Autumn Term 2017

Free Range Friday has taken on an international theme this term with children having the chance to learn about different cultures and complete a variety of activities linked to those countries.

Over the term all house teams will experience: Mexican painted geckos; Turkish board games; Japanese cherry blossom art; New Zealand aboriginal face tattoos and traditional haka dance; Chinese written characters and Chinese new year traditions and South African art work and African beats workshop.

School Year 2016 - 2017


Summer Term 2, 2017

During the second half of the Summer Term, Free Range Fridays continued and children worked in their house teams to read and discuss the book 'Only One Me'. Children discussed how respecting each others individuality makes our school a brilliant place to be.

Each child then designed their own rock fish (taken from the book), that they felt represented themselves and their individuality, they then made their designs a reality which we installed in the school grounds to celebrate uniqueness.

Summer Term 1 2017

During the fist half of Summer Term each house team took part in: First Aid, Orienteering, Art, Pond Dipping, Animation and Baking.  

" I really enjoyed Pond Dipping and baking, they were my favourite. I liked being with the little children but sometimes they just wanted a hug which was a bit annoying." - Keira (Yr5)


“I liked mixing with the other children as you could make friends with children in other years” – Brandon (Yr4)


“I liked cooking best because we got to make biscuits and eat them on the way home” – Molly (YrR)


"My favourite was orienteering because it was like hide and seek and you had to do an acrostic poem - the word was tolerance." - Jack (Yr5)


“Usually the little ones play separately so we don’t always see them but we got to know them.” – Finlay (Yr4)


"I liked mixing with the little ones as I like being a role model" - Erin (Yr5)


“The activities made us do different things to what we would normally do in class – it was fun” – Tessa (Yr5)


“I liked being with the older children – they were nice to me.” – Isabella (YrR)


First Aid

All children had a chance to learn vital First Aid skills with Daisy First Aid. The new skills learnt included: thinking about what to do if someone is hurt, CPR, the recovery position, choking and bandaging.


During the orienteering activity children worked in teams to follow photographic clues in order to find letters hidden around the school grounds. The groups then worked out what the letters spelt and created an acrostic poem from the word they discovered - tolerance.


For this activity children got creative and worked together to add their unique part to the house team sculpture. They also made a lollipop house team picture - you can see these on display by the dining hall.

Pond Dipping

During Pond Dipping children spent time at our school pond where they developed strategies to catch and identify pond life.


The children worked in teams to develop a story idea which they then transformed into a stock motion movie using the stock motion app on the school iPads.


The children developed their baking skills combining various ingredients to make their own chocolate chip cookies. They were also tasked with making their own cookie box to put their creations in.

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