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The Governors and Leadership Team at Hillmead Primary School are constantly reviewing and ratifying policies. This page is updated as regularly as possible, however, if you are unsure if a policy is up to date please contact the school office. Not all of the school's policies are published here. If you would like to read any other school policies, please ask at the school office.


The numbers after the name of the policy refer to the date it was ratified by the governors (yyyymm - so September 2010 would be 201009).


Admissions Policy

Children are admitted to Hillmead and Hillmead Nursery in accordance with the policy of Hertfordshire County Council. More information on the Hertfordshire County Council policy can be found here.


From September 2017, there will be an onsite pre-school for Nursery parents to access their free 30 hours entitlement in the afternoons. This pre-school will also be open to children 2 years and up.

If you are interested in applying for Hillmead School, please contact the school office for an appointment or visit us on one of our Open Mornings.



For all other policies please ask at the school office.
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