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Key Stage 2 homework is uploaded to this page weekly on a Thursday. It is due in the following Tuesday unless the Class Teacher has given another date. Remember also, to practise your times tables and spellings and to read at home regularly. 
Year 3 - Daisy Class

Thursday 13th July 2017

As this is our last week together in Year 3, there is no homework for you to complete and there are no spellings for you to learn. Please enjoy your weekend and be ready for a final few days of work before your nice, long break.

Next week, we would really appreciate if you could bring a carrier bag into school with you – no later than Wednesday. We can then make sure that all your books, pieces of work and personal items from your drawers are bagged and ready for you to take home next Thursday.

See you all next week!

Mrs Evans

Year 4 - Buttercup Class
Year 5 - Bluebell Class
Year 6 - Violet Class

For the rest of the Summer Term children must choose ONE homework task from the grid below to complete each week and bring to school by Tuesday. Please see the grid in your child's homework folder/attached below for further detail on this.


I will expect homework to be completed to an acceptable standard each week or your child will be asked to complete it again.


The children know to ask for any paper or resources they need to complete a task if they feel they need them.

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